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LCN Wilde Pedique

Offering partial or complete nail reconstruction, the LCN Wilde Pedique is a unique light cured system developed exclusively for the restoration and correction of the toenails.

The odourless, flexible resin will not discolour and comes in six shades to tone to the original nail colour. Once applied, it grows with the natural nail and just requires refilling every 4/6 weeks until the nail is grown fully.

Suitable for anyone with nail conditions such as mycosis (fungal nails), trauma, onychauxis (thickened nails) etc. LCN Wilde Pedique can even be used with anti-fungal treatments and after nail surgery once the site is healed.

Different finishes are available such as French polish or a choice of colours.

Call to find out if this treatment will help you acheive natural healthy looking nails.

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